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Varidesk Exec 48 (aka Cube 48) Standing Desk Riser Review

Note: This review is based on the 2016 ‘Exec 48’ version which has been upgraded to the newer ‘Cube 48’ model.

Product features

  • 9 Height adjustment settings
  • Large tabletop surface area
  • Separate mouse & keyboard area
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Available in black or white
  • 1 year warranty

Target Group

This is an adjustable tabletop riser standing desk that fits on top of an existing desk. So, this desk is aimed at those who already have a standard desk of their own. It is also aimed at people wanting a simple, yet stylish, piece of equipment to match their current room layout and computer setup.

Build Quality

Firstly, the entire thing weighs a ton and you’re going to need an extra hand in lifting it up onto your existing desk. This leads onto my point about build quality, there’s a saying ‘the heavier the item, the more quality it is’ and this desk reminds me of this. It looks and feels like a solid piece of equipment and, crucially, functions like one too.

Varidesk Exec 48 Standing Desk White

The mechanics under the top desk layer is filled with metal construction. This allows the desk to fit snugly over your existing desk. (Side note: make sure you have a solid desk underneath this one). There are also eight holes for you to screw the base down to your existing table.


It actually looks nice. It sounds funny but it’s true. Since it is not a full desk, how it matches the desk underneath is a tough job. I purchased the white desk and sometimes this can be risky because it can look a bit cheap. Luckily for me, it turned out absolutely fine. It doesn’t look cheap at all, on the contrary, it fits well with the white walls and white furniture I have in my office.

Varidesk Exec 48 Standing Desk White

The other thing that I liked regarding the design of the desk are the rounded edges. I’m a bit of a safety freak and I like products that take child-safety into consideration. The rounded edges also look decent as it gives off a friendly vibe 🙂


  • Great marriage between build and design. From the moment I unboxed the delivery, I could tell this was a solid piece of equipment. First off, it was heavy which is always a good sign. Secondly, the combination of steel framework, plastic shell and wooden planks did not look tacky at all. It was a design that, you could tell, a lot of thoughtful planning was put into it.
  • The spring-loaded mechanism is a clever way to lift the desk from a seated to an upright position. This is a neat feature as it doesn’t require much effort from me to physically drag the desk upwards towards me. It simply glides, almost effortlessly, in my direction with a grip of the side bar handles.
  • I wouldn’t usually mention customer service experiences unless they are bad. On this occasion, I must give credit where credit’s due. I remember speaking to one of their customer service agents for almost an hour, prior to purchase, asking very specific and detailed questions about their one-month free trial, my personal height requirements (I’m 6 feet tall), the weight of the desk, what type of desk I would need underneath and so on and so forth. During the entire process, not once did I feel in a hurry to put the phone down so that she could take another call. She was very patient with me and was never pushy in a salesy kinda way. I was left so impressed by that conversation that I still remember it until today.


  • In my opinion, the spring-loaded mechanism has a downside to it as well. Sometimes, when I’m standing for long, I like to lean on my desk. At times it’s due to tiredness and other times I just feel like slouching over my table like a king at his dinner table. And here comes the slight bother. As the desk rises, it moves towards me in tandem. When it leans towards me, the edge of the desk that’s facing me has much less support underneath to absorb the weight of my body leaning over it. (You can get an impression of this by looking at the image below). Also, when I lay excessive weight over the desk, the desk begins to lift up slightly from its base. Even with it screwed into the existing desk, this can still occur to that desk. The solution here would be to also screw the existing desk down to the floor. It isn’t too much of a disadvantage but I thought it’d be of interest to mention it as some of you may find this feature quite irritating.
  • The last con is that, unlike other fully-fledged standing desks, you can’t put heavy things on the desk. Let me explain. I had a monitor stand from IKEA (which was kinda heavy but very stylish) and after placing it on the table, I’d find myself having to physically pull the desk up towards me instead of the desk gently gliding itself towards me. I had to do away with the monitor stand but, to be honest, it didn’t annoy me too much as I was still feeling excited about my brand new standing desk I had just purchased!

What Others Have Said

Great standing desk. Only thing I’d change is to be able to adjust the position of the keyboard shelf compared to the screen shelf. – Jonathan

Bought one, loved it… so bought for other staff members with back problems. Really helps reduce strain on lower back…. also for some reason feel more productive. – Chris

I love my new standing desk! It goes up and down very easily (within seconds) so I stand in the morning, then sit, stand after lunch and sit in the evening. – Madelyn

This is one of the best investments I’ve made to my business! I bought one and I came back to by another one for a manager of mine. Now we are budgeting to get them for our whole office. A client came in 2 weeks ago and loved it as well. I sent him the link to this page and he purchased it as well! Great quality desk! – Julio Gil

Alternative Tabletop Standing Desk Risers

Below are a few alternative options to this Varidesk standing desk model. They’re all cheaper alternatives which is very useful for buyers on a smaller budget.

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8.6 Total Score

Ease of Use
  • Very nice sleek design with rounded edges
  • Good materials used & excellent build quality
  • Very good pre-sales customer service support
  • Been using it since March 2016 and very happy with overall performance
  • The desk moving towards you when lifting upwards
  • Extra weight causes additional strain when lifting upwards
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