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9 Super Benefits of Standing Desks That Will Probably Surprise You

Standing desks do exist. Yes, you heard it here, people are using standing desks all around the world! There are a few words that have been coined for this such as; standing desks, sit stand desks, stand up desks, height adjustable desks and on and on.

Many companies are implementing the use of standing desks throughout their organizations due to huge demands. In actual fact, some countries and government organizations make it obligatory upon the company to purchase a standing desk if an employee asks for one.

Standing has so many benefits and throughout this article we will touch upon some of the leading benefits, many of which have been backed by research studies. So, sit back (or stand back), grab a coffee and get ready to be amazed. Precautionary note: some of these benefits may shock you!

  1. Longer life span

Researchers have found that reduced sitting time on a daily basis can help prolong your life. It is said that the studies found a link between long hours of sitting and an early or premature death. If you add regular exercise into the mix then this can drastically improve your potential lifespan.

  1. Higher energy levels

Our human body was made to move and by sitting down for long periods in the day it decreases our energy levels. The blood flow in the body is affected and the muscles also don’t get used as they are supposed to.

With standing, you will be a lot more closer to your natural predisposition and, thus, have increased blood flow, more flexible muscles and increased energy. Imagine the longer term benefits that standing can do to your energy levels if done on a consistent basis.

  1. Better focus

Exercise is a proven method of increasing focus on one’s life. On that note, we can point to the increased movement whilst standing which is a form of light exercise. And it is this daily routine, that will play a significant role in helping to increase your focus when working on tasks at work.

  1. Increased productivity

Various studies have shown that standing for longer periods improves a person’s overall mood. This, then has a knock-on effect on productivity levels.

From personal experience, when you’re standing at your desk you aren’t just standing still like a statue. You will find yourself actively moving about from left to right and you’ll even find yourself more likely to move to another location in the office for a few moments just for some mental break. This all adds to one’s increase in productivity levels.

  1. Back pain relief

By sitting down all day, (on the train, on the bus, at work, in the lunch cafe, at home, in the restaurant, and in bed), we are more likely to get a lot of pain, especially in the lower back.

There are many studies that prove the use of standing desks can improve back, literally within weeks of use. As mentioned in the previous point, you will naturally find yourself moving about, therefore significantly strengthening the core area of your body.

  1. Improved posture

When sitting, your back is rarely kept in the correct posture position. We can try as much as we can to keep it in the correct position although slowly but surely the back tends to bend over forwards as your work hard away, at the task at hand.

When standing, your back is kept upright throughout and the muscles surrounding the spine get a good light workout to support the entire area. All of this helps to better improve your body’s posture as the days and weeks progress.

  1. Less chance of obesity and weight gain

Activity levels in a seated are dwarfed by activity levels when standing. This means that a person will most definitely be burning more calories when standing as opposed to sitting. If a person were to incorporate standing for more hours per day, they will not only feel more active but they will look better for it too.

  1. Lowered risk of chronic disease

A study by the American Heart Association of men over the age of 45 found that those who led a sedentary lifestyle and did the least amount of physical activity were at a higher risk of heart disease.

Another study on young girls, published in Experimental Physiology, found that children who stayed seated for 3 hours uninterrupted had a 33% reduction in cardiovascular function.

  1. Reduced risk of diabetes

A study published in the US National Library of Medicine showed that alternating between sitting and standing every 30 minutes reduced blood sugar levels by 11%. Other studies show that even longer standing can increase that percentage even more.


As you can see, from the few benefits listed above, standing whilst working brings about dramatic benefits to our lives. Even though I’ve personally been using standing desks for a few years, it always feels truly amazing when re-learning about these benefits as it inspires no end.

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    Stand Steady June 19, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    Great article! We definitely STAND by this list; thanks for sharing!

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