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5 Awesome Gratitude Journals You Should Consider Adding To Your Desk

Gratitude journals are ‘in’ right now and I personally think it’s fantastic that positivity is being widely accepted and encouraged around the globe.

So we thought that we’d write a quick blog post mentioning some unique gratitude journals we’ve come across in recent times.

Some of these gratitude journals are available on Amazon and others are available on websites that may not be as widely known as Amazon.

1. The Bulletproof Gratitude Journal


With plenty of cover design options and an extremely affordable price point, ‘The Bulletproof Gratitude Journal’ tops our list of unique gratitude journals available.

It may have less reviews than other journals available on the marketplace but, rest assured, we’ve fully reviewed this book and found it very comprehensive and ever-so useful. 

It’s a 52-week journal that presents fresh and unique prompts every 2 weeks for the reader to reflect over.

2. Kikki.K Gratitude Journal

This journal is roughly four times the price as the above journal but exudes in elegance.

If you’re looking for a gratitude journal that has a hardback cover and all the little extras that make it worth its price.

It sticks to the basic principles of being a gratitude journal and looks great too.

3. The 30 Day Gratitude Journal Experiment

This journal is published by the same publishers as the bulletproof gratitude journal above (i.e. Vouch Journals) and seems to be aimed more towards readers taking their first steps into using gratitude journals.

On every double page spread are three daily reflection questions: ‘today I am grateful for’; ‘who/what made you smile today and why?’; ‘what is one thing you learned today?’

Also, they include a unique question every single day to keep your mind focussed on building a well-rounded attitude of gratitude.

4. The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

This journal is aimed towards children and, having purchased this book too, we sure do recommend it if you have young kids.

It has nicely designed pages specifically for children to write how they feel and also to draw something positive from their day.

We wanted to include this because, even though it may not sit on your desk, it might just sit pretty on your child’s desk.

5. 365 Things I Am Grateful For

This last shabby-chic journal we found on Etsy and it is as funky and unique as they come.

It has an original ring-binder design and is fully customisable with a full kit of unique tags to use throughout the book when writing your daily feelings of gratitude.

It is the most priciest of the bunch and more aimed towards readers wanting a different experience but we wanted to mention it here to bring a variety of options for your perusal.


We hope you found this short blog useful in any little way. Gratitude journals are lovely little additions to a modern desk and essentially they help bring out the best in us as human beings by allowing us to think about the blessings in our lives rather than the limitations in our lives.

Give the links a click in the titles above and view the book pages for more in-depth information about them and see which one suits your needs! 🙂

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