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29 Cool Desk Essentials You Should Consider Buying For Your Office

Once you’ve completed your desk setup, there’s always that niggling feeling that something is missing. Sometimes it’s a few accessories and sometimes it’s just that one special accessory.

From phone and tablet stands to essential oil diffusers and deskpad planners, we will list out the foremost essential, yet cool, desk accessories for you to consider for your office.

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 Phone Stand

1. Phone Stand

We all need a phone stand on our desk, whether at home or in the office at work. Sometimes we need to take a quick glance at the latest notifications and that’s it. This type of forward-facing stand is perfect for that. Oh, and it looks classy!

 Tablet Stand

2. Tablet Stand

A tablet stand is a perfect companion beside your monitor, it almost acts as a second screen. Perfect for watching videos whilst working or for referencing a document in the middle of typing.

 Monitor Stand Organizer

3. Monitor Stand Organizer

Some say that a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. This monitor stand helps to clean the clutter from your desk whilst also serving its main purpose of raising your monitor screen.

 USB Extension

4. USB Extension

It’s quite common for people to complain of 2 things when using a computer; 1) the USB plug sockets are too far away and 2) there aren’t enough of them in the first place. This USB extension device solves both problems.

 Desk Cable Tidy

5. Cable Tidy

Keep your desk tidy and free from unwanted wires hanging around everywhere.

 Monitor Screen Memo Board

6. Monitor Screen Memo Board

We make notes on the sticky pad and we tend to fill our desks and monitors screen edges with them. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a specific attachment to take care of these messy sticky notes!

 USB Charging Station Dock

7. Bamboo USB Charging Station

This accessory achieves the same thing as the USB extension above but it looks a lot more swanky!

 Stationery Desk Organizer

8. Desktop Stationery Rotary Organizer

This is great for storing and organizing your pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, highlighters, scissors, sticky notes etc. It looks cool and it rotates too!

 LED Desk Lamp

9. LED Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are great to produce extra lighting for your desk. Your monitor can cause a lot of strain on your eyes and lamps will help balance the light to ease the pressure on your eyes. Lamps are also useful to create extra ambiance in the room. Lastly, a LED lamp is better it looks sleek and the bulb will last longer.

 Foot Hammock

10. Foot Hammock

This is cool! A foot hammock to rest your feet when sitting on your desk. Standing all day can get tiring, so having a hammock like this will definitely give your feet some well-earned respite.

 Seated Footrest

11. Seated Footrest

Alternatively, you could get a footrest to fit right under your desk to ease the pressure off of your feet.

 Desk Fan

12. Turbo Desk Air Fan

Perfect for those summer months when the office can get a little stuffy!

 USB Desk Grommet Replacement

13. Desk USB Grommet Replacements

Here’s a funky alternative to having a USB extension device on your desk. Many office desks come with these grommet holes to feed cables through but are never used and are usually just dead space. Why not make use of that space with this USB extension grommet replacement. They’re easy to install and simple to use.

 Essential Oil Diffuser

14. Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is essential for your good health. Your room will smell better and your body’s health will thank you in return too.

 Headphone Hook

15. Headphone Hook

If you want your headphone to be within arms reach then you should consider getting one of these to stick on the wall.

 Positive Thoughts Sign

16. Positive Thoughts Box Sign

This is just a small positive reminder sign to help you remember to stay positive throughout the day. Sometimes that’s all we need, just a little reminder.

 Vintage Calendar

17. Vintage Calendar

This isn’t so much an essential as much as it is a novelty item. A good looking one at that.

 Magnetic Photo Tree

18. Magnetic Photo Tree

Do you want pictures of your boyfriend, girlfriend or children around your desk? Great, then this is a perfect little way to display those pictures in a neat way.

 Hand Sanitizer Holder

19. Hand Sanitizer Desktop Dispenser

If you’re the type who likes to keep the germs far, far away then this is the perfect investment for you!

 Cat Post It Note Holder

20. Post-it Note Cat Figure Dispenser

Wanting to add a bit of cuteness to your desk, this may be right up your street!

 Magnetic Decision Maker

21. Magnetic Decision Maker

It can be tough making lunch decisions sometimes, make your life a little easier with this nifty tool.

 Desk Name Plate

22. Desk Name Plate

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re the boss, this name plate will help give you that feeling right away!

 Weekly Planner Deskpad

23. Weekly Deskpad Planner

This one can be categorized under productivity because your daily workhorse levels will improve immeasurably.

 Leather Desk Pad Mat

24. Leather Desk Pad Mat

Add a touch of class to your desk and be the envy of your colleagues by a smooth leather desk pad.

 Retro Arcade Machine

25. Mini Retro Arcade Machine

Break times don’t have to be boring you know!

 Mini Fridge Cooler

26. Mini Fridge Cooler

Handy when you need to reach for a quick cold drink.

 Mini Basketball Hoop

27. Mini Basketball Hoop

There’s always time for a bit of slam dunking! This is a ton of fun and a great way to let your creative juices flow when you need a quick break away from your computer.

 Table Top Bowling Stress Relief

28. Table Top Bowling Stress Relief

Relieve some stress by bowling some pins. It looks fab and serves a purpose.

 Desktop Fidget Spinner

29. Desktop Fidget Spinner Stand

This trendy fidget spinner has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent times. If you one of them, then be sure to pick up a stand for it too!

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