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11 Unexpected Positive Life Changes I Experienced From Using Standing Desks

Standing desks are ever popular amongst the healthy-orientated folks amongst us and you wouldn’t believe how effective they can be in improving your life.

In this article, I’ll be listing some of the unexpected, yet positive, changes that have occurred in my life simply through the use of standing desks.

1. Get Moving

Whenever I’m standing at my desk, I find myself moving much more. I’m always shuffling my feet (in a good way) to reposition myself. Not due to feeling uncomfortable, on the contrary, because I feel I have the freedom to do so and energetic enough too! Certainly, this has a positive impact on my body’s level of fitness and overall muscle density.

2. Be Productive

I feel very productive standing at my desk. Full stop. I can achieve a lot more inside 60 minutes of work than when I’m sitting. I’d put the difference down to feeling slightly lethargic and increasing back pains when seated.

3. Stretching Arms and Legs

‘Since I’m standing, I may aswell do a few stretches.’ That’s precisely the thought that runs through my mind as I’m standing at my desk. Sometimes I widen my stance and tilt my hips to one side to gauge a nice hamstring stretch whilst typing (I’m actually doing it now!). Sometimes, I’d lift my foot up behind me and stretch my quadriceps as my brain is pondering over a potential design idea.

4. Joining the Gym

With my new found desire to move around, it encouraged me to join a gym! Amazing. People, nowadays, find it very hard to maintain a workout routine so, this is something, I’m sure many people would love to experience.

5. Creative Thinking

As a creative professional, I’ve noticed a significant difference in creative thought when standing up to work. My brain feels liberated, it feels free, and it feels unchained. I find myself having various ideas to jot down and that leads me onto my next point.

6. Writing Much More

I tend to find myself using a pen and paper more often to write down ideas, reminders and notes when standing up. To be honest, I can’t actually explain why this is the case, I can only go by my experiences whilst using a standing desk over the years. Personally speaking, I’ve enjoyed this more than I expected because it allows me to keep my eyes off the screen, which funnily enough, again leads me onto my next point.

7. Looking Beyond The Screen

When I’m sitting down on my chair at work, I rarely look anywhere else except for my screen. This is a huge reason why my eyesight has progressively become worse over the last 6 years or so.

Time for the good news. Leading on from my previous point about writing more, I’ve found that I look around the office more, as a direct result of standing. Not only due to writing more on my desk, but also because of my body’s energetic disposition which propels my eyes away from my immediate surroundings. As someone who has been wearing glasses since the age of 10, I feel quite chuffed about this benefit.

8. Taking Regular Breaks

This one, again, follows on from the previous point! When I’m standing up, I am more likely to walk away from my desk for a break because the first step of actually wanting to take a break has already been achieved. What is that first step you’re wondering? Well, that first step is standing up off my chair and like I said, since I’m already standing, it practically eliminates the initial barrier to taking regular well-deserved breaks.

9. Reading a Random Book for 2 minutes

I’m sorry!… but this one continues from the previous point too!

During those regular breaks, I sometimes dive into random books seated on my bookshelf that is situated behind me. This may sound dramatic, but I actually feel like I’ve rekindled a dying interest.

10. Feeling Happier; Joyous Mood

I’m sure you could probably related to this one. When I’m seated at my desk for hours on end, I can feel myself yearning for that lunch break so that

11. Sitting & Standing

Leaving the obvious one till last. This is something I find myself doing every single day.

I sit… and I stand. Then I sit… and then I stand some more.

That’s my hourly (sometimes more, sometimes less) routine that I abide by during office hours, and I absolutely love it. This has to be my favourite of them all. It sounds pretty straightforward and darn obvious but it cannot be stated enough because this alternation of sitting and standing allows all the ten positive things above.


I’m sure you can see how much using a standing desk has affected my day to day life in such a positive way. If you’re interested in trying out a standing desk for yourself, just visit our pages on the top 10 standing desks in the menu above to see which one would best suit you.

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